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How people really use mobile

This is the year of the mobile; payments acquiring through iZettle and their competitors is the hot topic. At the same time the phrase M-POS or MPOS (mobile point of sale) is a frequent visitor to conversations about payments. Innovation

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Charity marketing using social media

Charities often lead the way with marketing innovation. They cannot just hit the ‘spend’ button like some businesses appear to. This has led to charity fund raising leading the way with huge public engagement successes like Race For Life (> £38m raised) and Walk The

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The end of the Walkman

Launched in 1979, the Walkman has become synonymous with portable, personal music. Sony has now ceased production of the Walkman for their domestic Japanese market after 31 years and over 200 million sales worldwide. This innovative product created an audio sector that

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One man Games Workshop stores

Innovation during the recession was being hypothesised before Christmas. Personally I’ve not spotted a great deal of good examples so far. So I was pleased to notice that Games Workshop are innovating to expand. The Games Workshop plan is to

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