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The mighty Google has spoken

The world notices when Google speaks. They are set to change their search algorithms on 20 April 2015. This will see non-responsive websites disadvantaged in their search engine rankings. Quite right too. Based on this news people are leaping about

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WeFarm and Manifesto

Well done to my friends at #Manifesto for their great work on WeFarm which is one of the Google Impact Challenge winners. WeFarm is the internet for people without the internet. Members can ask questions and share farming tips and advice

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Why your next car will have an IP address

One trend that has become very clear at this year’s CES is that the Internet is slowly making its way into our cars. Of course, you can already browse the Net and play music from Pandora through your smartphone, but

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Are work web blockers a waste of time?

He points to the Palo Alto Networks report we mentioned earlier as proof of this, with the companies taking part all having multiple security technologies to control users and applications; “yet the data showed that unwanted applications, threats and bandwidth

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Marketing 2.0 session at online marketing show – Eyefall search marketing blog

I used to spend a fair bit of money with the PPC (pay per click) specialists, Eyefall. They did an excellent job for me in the world of pay per click advertising, an area that is still as much an art

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User generated newspapers

We’ll be cooking our own food in restaurants next! Or making our beds in hotels! Essentially a free newspaper is going to pay bloggers and then use some of the content in their newspaper. Fabulously simple remodeling of the whole

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