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Be your biggest competitor to survive

How does a company fail? To borrow a phrase from Hemingway, two ways: “gradually and then suddenly,” says Kellogg. I met some people today who seemed to be making relatively simple projects very complicated. In fact, everything seemed to be moving

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FaceBrushing my Life

Mohan Sawhney was one of my lecturers when I was at Kellogg School of Management. He spoke great sense then and hasn’t stopped since. In one of his recent blog posts about social media and how authentic our profiles are he

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The secrets of ‘showrooming’: price is not the only reason people shop online

While you fight your way around the town centre shops this Christmas van drivers and couriers are beating a trail to our front door delivering the spoils of an earnest online shopping campaign executed by my wife. I had thought that my

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Word of mouth and pepper spray parody

Read the article below, and the rest of it at the Kellogg website. There really is an opportunity to stand out from others by writing good old fashioned letters to people. For better or worse, a decade of development in

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When uncertainty is a sure thing

Points and prizes can make for successful product promotion Admit it: at some point you’ve considered buying one of those scratch-off lottery cards at the local corner store. Someone has to win, right? Maybe you have even participated in a

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