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Digital Leaders NW – Christmas Debate

Digital Leaders North West Christmas Debate Manchester 17 December 2015, 16.00 – 18.00 To mark the end of the year our next meeting on Thursday 17 December (16.00 – 18.00) will take the form of a debate with a Christmas

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How many emails does it take to make a Ford?

I was at an event at the University of Manchester today. A representative of the Ford Motor Company was speaking to the audience about the role of Information Technology in making cars. Up on screen came lots of numbers and

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Why did Google invest in Uber?

Last year Google Ventures put $258M into Uber, in its largest deal ever. Since then Uber, the app driven system that gets cars to take you places, has been growing like topsy. Recently I have been using a lot of

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Manchester United bans tablets and laptops

Interesting news: Manchester United has decided to ban tablets and laptops at home their home matches. I wonder how many of the potential 76,000 people that can be seated at Old Trafford this will affect? What happens if you turn up to

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