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Top 10 weird Bond tie-ups that time forgot

There’s lots of talk about the new Bond movie, Skyfall. I’m looking forward to watching it myself. Even Brand Republic/Marketing magazine are digging up interesting Bond stories. With so many brands cashing in on Skyfall’s release on 24 October, we

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Tesco to roll out WiFi in UK stores

This is a positive and bold move from Tesco: they are set to roll out free WiFi across its UK stores, allowing users to compare prices and access Clubcard online while they shop. Shoppers will be able to compare prices

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Say Cheese: unifies experiential and online marketing

I rather like this business – Say Cheese. According to their own blurb they “unify experiential and online marketing”. They are delivering a simple but successful event and brand marketing service. Personal photos rather than useless giveaways sound good to

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Brand advocacy

I read a fine article in Marketing magazine about brand advocacy. “Marketing often gains a reputation for cherishing style over substance. Its detractors accuse it of shouting about product benefits, or, in the absence of these, a nebulous lifestyle positioning,

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