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How we work at Appitized

And this is how we work at Appitized… We are multi-award-winning mobile app developers based in the UK. We design and develop mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets working closely with our clients to turn their app

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The mighty Google has spoken

The world notices when Google speaks. They are set to change their search algorithms on 20 April 2015. This will see non-responsive websites disadvantaged in their search engine rankings. Quite right too. Based on this news people are leaping about

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RunPee for when you are crossing your legs

RunPee is the silliest useful mobile phone app I’ve come across for ages. It lets you know the best time to go to the toilet when you are watching a film, because cinemas don’t have pause buttons. Each movie has

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Business Gets Mobile: An Introduction to Mobile for Businesses in 2014

I am excited to announce the first Results Through Digital event which will be held at our new facility in Warrington. Our companies, EMS Internet and Appitized, help drive businesses to success through the commercial application of digital technology, and today mobile

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How people really use mobile

This is the year of the mobile; payments acquiring through iZettle and their competitors is the hot topic. At the same time the phrase M-POS or MPOS (mobile point of sale) is a frequent visitor to conversations about payments. Innovation

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How brands can cook up mobile purchases

The proportion of web traffic via mobile will hit 20 per cent this Christmas, according to IBM figures, and brands that fail to implement a mobile marketing strategy are losing out on sales by putting up ‘closed for business’ signs

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I can’t see this new term catching on – Smartphonatic. A Smartphonatic is someone who changes their shopping, financial and payment behavior as a result of owning a smartphone. The report identifies a stark difference between mobile adoption among Smartphonatics

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