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What is money, why do we trust it and has it become too confusing?

Money is a collective act of the imagination, and it’s a thing which we have invested our credence in, and it works because we do that” John Lanchester via BBC News – What is money, why do we trust it

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Trust: bank account or currency?

On my new mobile phone there was an interesting 90 minute video of Stephen Fry talking about language and words. In fact he described this as a podgram. Fascinating ideas. It got me thinking more about how, with a common

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Vodafone Hungary to test NFC m-payments at Sziget festival

Here’s a good trial of NFC m-payments in an entertainemtn environment. The whole scheme seems to focus on the consumer first including cashing-out and theft of cards. Well done Vodafone and good luck. During the 18th edition of the festival,

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