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Those that sell don’t wash cars

What do you think of this as a method of motivating sales achievements? As with all good challenges, there is a forfeit to pay if you don’t win: the (sales) teams agreed that the losing office would say thank you

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Snake-oil salesmen in motivation

I rather like this paragraph: Type in the word ‘motivation’ and Google returns over 87 million references, a large proportion of which turn out to be from the usual suspects – self-styled motivational gurus, peddlers of the latest quick fix and

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Defined by a vegetable

“The carrot has become the ubiquitous symbol of the incentive industry. We have allowed ourselves to be defined by a vegetable.” What a great line. This is the introduction to an article by Jim Dittman, founder and president of Dittman

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Asda marketing is getting noticed

You know, I really don’t like shopping at Asda. But you never know, I could get converted. Recently I have been impressed with a number of their marketing activities: I’ve heard some really good things about the way Asda motivate

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What really motivates?

Incentives as a motivational tool come in many forms, and schemes vary depending upon the size and structure of an organisation. Understanding the needs of employess can help companies to reap poisitve rewards from an incentives programme According to Kevin Harrington, director

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Advertisers are lying to us

Here is an extract from an article: Yet we all feel like advertisers are lying to us. The slogans, promises, and taglines of large corporate entities lack any meaning or authenticity whatsoever. We are used to products not working as

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Bad Gifts

Sometimes staff and team incentives have a negative impact…

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