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The end of the Walkman

Launched in 1979, the Walkman has become synonymous with portable, personal music. Sony has now ceased production of the Walkman for their domestic Japanese market after 31 years and over 200 million sales worldwide. This innovative product created an audio sector that

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30 years on Punk butters up customers

I remember Punk, that is the Punk music of 1976. I was living in London and witnessed dollops of it first hand. Consequently I smiled at this article on FT.com: Johnny Rotten boosts Dairy Crest sales Dairy Crest said using

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Dinner in the 70s

So, the plan is to have a 70s dinner party tonight. Our guests are invited and the costumes are ready. The 70s was a really good decade for music; a really rich ten years for quality and diversity. The iPod is set

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Surrey mums like MAD activities

We all know that word of mouth (WOM) is very powerful marketing. Therefore it was very pleasing to see the comment below on Surrey Mums about one of my wife’s businesses. “I’ve recently started taking my little girl to MAD

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