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Awards presentation advice

Here’s the man to be hosting an awards ceremony. Some great and somewhat obvious advice from Jack Whitehall.

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Right to the letter

“Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it ‘to whom it may concern.’” – Ken Haemer That’s where I’m going wrong, I need to address my letters. Thanks, Ken.

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Amorphous blob of wonderfulness

It can be fun going through old notes. Look at this lot. It was from a marketing presentation at an event 18 months ago in Berkshire. All four of these words/lines were used by the same speaker. Tangibilize Amorphous blob of wonderfulness

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Mezzanine social platform

I was just going through some material for a pitch presentation next week and I came across a phrase, “mezzanine social platform”, that I had noted down. As I couldn’t remember what it meant I turned to Google. Guess what? No

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Are you past or future oriented?

I was surfing around YouTube researching some material for a presentation next week and, as often happens, I got diverted and discovered this great video, it is by Philip Zimbardo and is titled “The Secret Power of Time.” I thought

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