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Why the living wage makes sense

I’ve just spotted this video from my good friend Neal Gandhi @nealgandhi Pay more, sell more, get happier customers…hear the opinions in this short film that advocates the living wage. It’s a short film showing that paying a living wage improves

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Debate lost, lesson learnt

I lost in the vote for a public debate last week. It was a great fun event though and the experience reminded me how rare the opportunities for a good, robust, debate come up. The next day I realised there

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John Lewis managing director Andy Street

This video of Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis, is an excellent example of a business leader communicating clearly and with purpose. He comes over as in control, believable and trustworthy – three attributes missing from many MDs or CEOs.

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Have a Staples Christmas

On a scale of 1 to 10 how shabby do you think it is when a business sends a Christmas card with a full-on sales message printed in it? Click on the image to to see the card from Staples

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Business Gets Mobile

Here are some of the facts I talked about last Friday at our Business Gets Mobile event. Retail sales via smartphones and tablets have more than doubled to £8.2 bn in 2013, accounting for 18% of total UK e-commerce sales.

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How much do you want to pay for a new customer?

This is a rather compelling argument from those people at TippingPointLabs: $270 per customer, or $52,000 … which would you prefer?   Converting people from conventional approaches and traditional media can be a challenge. But if your business is built around

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Bad Gifts

Sometimes staff and team incentives have a negative impact…

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