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The very odd Pukka Pies survey

Bonkers. I thought it was me at first but on re-reading the survey, it’s very odd indeed.                         As you can see, the very first question only allowed me

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£1.25 for 30 minutes

That’s jolly nice of Nectar to offer me £1.25 for 30 minutes of survey completion. As a valued Nectar card holder we would like to hear your thoughts on household shopping. We would be grateful if you could spare some

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Sports Direct catalogue

Of course, one of the reasons the Sports Direct till queue moves so slowly is the staff are trying to sell their catalogue for 50p to everyone. When I got to the front of the queue my till assistant asked

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Digital Gift: The appetite is growing

We have conducted two large gift card consumer surveys in Canada and France recently where we have asked questions related to consumers views on gift cards. Within these surveys we have asked questions related to digital gifting and whether consumers

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Let the survey confirm you’ve got it wrong

I was amused to receive an inviation to complete a survey. It was from the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM). Look at the quote from it below: it clearly states, “The survey will highlight just how much some marketers misunderstand

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MasterCard says NFC will be embraced by the younger generation

According to the recently released results of a survey from MasterCard; it looks like the public, especially the younger generation, are willing to embrace NFC if it ever becomes the standard method of payment in the future. Though it wasn’t

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What are average earnings in the UK?

According to the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE), the “median” gross annual earnings in the UK are £20,801. If you are earning that sum a year it means that half the surveyed working population earns less than you and half

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