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Attention seeking…we should listen

There is a good article on The Guardian website about the modern crisis of attention-seeking, jihadists and loneliness. Have a look >>> The Guardian. It offered lots of information. It didn’t set out to offer strategies to deal with any of

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UK is no.4 entrepreneurial nation in the world

Trend predictions tend to get on my nerves a bit. This one from the Guardian is a good one! Well written, intelligent and believable. Here’s a mini-extract: Michael Hayman wrote: “Rather than a nation of Goliaths, the UK has emerged

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How to get more coffee than you can drink

The company that powers the Starbucks iPhone app is Cashstar, a Global Prepaid Exchange member. Here is an interesting story from The Guardian G2 section about a man getting 1,000 prepaid coffees. The idea behind Stark’s card is simple: if

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Why build a digital newsstand?

Have you thought about what will happen to all those lovely street-side news stands in Paris through the digital publishing revolution and onwards? I’m not sure either, but there are strong plans afoot for magazine sales via the web in

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Go the Fuck to Sleep

Well, there we go…what a fine title for a book and there it was on one of The Guardian’s news pages (it’s not 1 April is it?). On the basis that the title is one of the most important elements

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Will Ask Jeeves ask.co.uk make it to 11 years old?

I have to say I had forgotten all about the search engine Ask Jeeves www.ask.co.uk. I was on The Guardian news website and I tripped over a story about Ask Jeeves being 10 years old. Well there’s a tail of

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