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Corporate inversion and US tax

UK politicians are talking about tax avoidance by American corporations. This ends up being emotional stuff for the British tax paying electorate. I was fascinated to see an article from Kellogg about American corporations getting better at not paying US

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Why did Google invest in Uber?

Last year Google Ventures put $258M into Uber, in its largest deal ever. Since then Uber, the app driven system that gets cars to take you places, has been growing like topsy. Recently I have been using a lot of

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Government administered, general use prepaid cards in the US

A report has been released by the US Federal Reserve System titled “Report to the Congress on Government-Administered, General-Use Prepaid Cards“. It makes interesting reading. In 2010, depository institutions provided cardholder use information for 90 federal, state, and local programs

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Wallet may become obsolete in the US in four years

News that I doubt: The good old wallet may become obsolete in the US within four years with people increasingly going for digital money, an e-payments company has claimed. via Wallet may become obsolete in the US in four years:

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Global prepaid markets potential 2011 update

Global prepaid markets have become an increasingly hot topic especially over the past two years. As the U.S. market matures and becomes crowded, both large incumbent and small emerging players are seeking additional opportunities to maintain sustainable growth over a

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MasterCard says NFC will be embraced by the younger generation

According to the recently released results of a survey from MasterCard; it looks like the public, especially the younger generation, are willing to embrace NFC if it ever becomes the standard method of payment in the future. Though it wasn’t

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