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I must work nearer home more often

Who can have failed to have heard about the arrival of 4G? Vodafone are now rolling out some good marketing for their 4G offering. This video is part of their campaign and features entrepreneur Tom Ball of NearDesk. Watching this

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Boku, the new rival to PayPal?

This should be interesting to follow: PayPal, the online payments company owned by eBay Inc, just got a new rival in the race to develop a mobile payment service that can be used in physical stores. Boku Inc, a big

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Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and O2 join forces for NFC drive

Everything Everywhere, Vodafone and Telefónica UK, which owns O2, are launching a joint venture to create a standardised platform and coherent measurement system for mobile contactless payment. The joint venture, the first of its kind in the UK, will provide

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Vodafone Hungary to test NFC m-payments at Sziget festival

Here’s a good trial of NFC m-payments in an entertainemtn environment. The whole scheme seems to focus on the consumer first including cashing-out and theft of cards. Well done Vodafone and good luck. During the 18th edition of the festival,

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Desperate telephone marketing

Is this a sign of the times; desperate telephone marketing? I’m receiving more rude sales calls now than six months ago. The latest was to my mobile from 01792 862544, a company called Mobiles 4 You. Apparently they are based at Mobiles

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