It’s the contrasts I find interesting: ASDA and McDonald’s

It’s the contrasts I find interesting. In a couple of hours opinions of a business and it’s brand image can change so quickly.

For the worse: a McDonald’s cashier swearing in front of my children. Unacceptable and I paid for the privilege of that.

For the better: ASDA, who aren’t high on my list, had a manager on the checkout genuinely wanting to know the customers view of their range and the shopping experience.

Which business is going to improve the most? It really is no contest is it? If they had conducted a Net Promoter Score on the same day it would have shown them poles apart.

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2 Comments on “It’s the contrasts I find interesting: ASDA and McDonald’s

  1. Denise Wymore said…

    My hope for NPS is that WE can rate companies without them sending us the survey and WE can decide their fate. Your blog is a great start – word-of-mouth baby. I cannot believe the cashier at McD’s swore in front of your kids. I’ve officially banned them.

    Would you like FRIES with that order or PROFANITY?

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