BA – the world’s favourite joke

So, we’re all bored with the Terminal 5 stories now. Perhaps we raised an eyebrow when we learned that the case and luggage losses were so bad that some insurers are withdrawing cover for travellers using T5.

I thought they cannot be that bad, I’ve had great service from BA over the years. Thinking I would re-engage with British Airways, I logged onto the BA Executive Club – well I tried to … “Not enough activity…we’ve cancelled your membership and all the points that go with it.”

The BA Executive Club customer service person seemed completely unconcerned when I politely said that I would phone Virgin instead. All that money invested in a loyalty programme and they throw you out. And to think I once spent £1,000,000 on BA flights for one promotion!

Perhaps a BA Exec, still in post, if they read this will correct matters and send me a BA Exec Club gold card. I doubt it though, I imagine the accountants now running the company would not approve it.

For your enjoyment and anagram of ‘The World’s Favourite Airline’: It is another awful ride lover. And more from Anagram Genius.

A more eloquent slating of BA’s market hopes can be read at Reference Geeks.

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5 Comments on “BA – the world’s favourite joke

  1. For me BA have gone from a safe choice, worth considering even if it costs a bit more because you know you’ll get a good service, to being just someone I’ll look at along with all the other airlines and they rarely win on price alone. And it’s happened fast, over the space of a year or so. It’s an impressive example of being able to lose a hard won reputation so quickly.

  2. Over a year later I can tell you, not suprisingly, that I’ve heard nothing from BA. On the plus side I’ve managed to not spend any money with them either.

  3. The value of a customer lost for life? Not sure exactly, but over three years on I’ve still not spent any money with BA. I feel quite satisfied but I don’t think my decision has had a whole lot of impact on BA’s fortunes.

  4. Four years on and I’ve still not flown again with BA. Positive choices to book with airlines like Virgin, Emirates and easyJet have all been very good.

    And four years on I’ve heard nothing from BA. To be honest I didn’t really expect to as they have more important things to do than worry about defected customers.

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