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Earlier this week someone told me that the biggest issue Coca Cola are dealing with in the UK is parallel/unofficial imports of their products. These apparently are undercutting there own trade prices.

I would beg to differ. I think their biggest issue is an appalling lack of product quality, consistency and delivery. My experiences this week:

1) Sofitel, St James, London. The best glass of Coke I’ve enjoyed for a long time. It may have been £5.06 but it was from a bottle, on lots of ice, with a slice of lemon and served in a perfect glass.

2) Oxford/Welcome Break Services. Luke warm plastic bottles at £1.40. Revolting.

3) The Glebe Hotel, Barford, Warwick. Syrupy, flat post mix. The second glass was better, but I’ve never been a big fan of post mix Coke. Price unknown.

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2 Comments on “Coca Cola product quality

  1. You’re drinking quite a lot of coke. I think it’s clear that only well chilled glass bottles or cans give decent tasting coke. Post mix and plastic are bad. Our local only serve bottles even though the margin is less. I once spent two weeks (paid of course) checking the taste of post mix across the coca cola range in Pizza Huts and KFCs across the south. So they do try and keep the consistency – I think when it tastes metallic is my least favourite.

  2. My god, I could definatly be swallowing a Cola zero now! Im too dry. I might simply get a bottle of cool water instead

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