Desperate telephone marketing

Is this a sign of the times; desperate telephone marketing? I’m receiving more rude sales calls now than six months ago.

The latest was to my mobile from 01792 862544, a company called Mobiles 4 You. Apparently they are based at Mobiles 4 You UK Ltd, 24 College Street, Ammanford, Swansea, SA18 3AF with Company No.06619827.

Mobiles 4 You make out they are working on behalf of Vodafone. To my knowledge they are not. I wonder if Vodafone realise this and appreciate the brand damage being done?

They start babbling in some unintelligible version of English and never listen to the reply. On their second call I asked the caller to remove my details from their database; he just hung up. Why would anyone buy from such a company?

Times may be difficult for some, or in fact many, vendors but surely now is the time to listen to customers and not talk at them and annoy them.

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