Colgate makes me smile

Remember the old Colgate TV adverts? This one is all about the ‘ring of confidence’. If you don’t recall it here it is on YouTube.

Back in those days Colgate was Colgate and your choices were large or small.

Colgate in AsdaI popped into Asda earlier this week. I know, my mistake as it really isn’t my favourite supermarket. Look at this little lot? I counted over thirty different Colgate choices (there were even more to the left and right).

Quite frankly ridiculous; why do we need so many choices? It suggests that none of the Colgate products do a complete job.

And Asda, why are you ranging so many variations?

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One comment on “Colgate makes me smile
  1. Indie shopper says:

    Don’t buy Colgate. That seems like a good response.

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