You can’t PR a PR

I save some interesting looking emails to read later. This always seems like a good idea and I do occasionally get around to reading them. And here is one I thought I would share.

Effective public relations is a little different to making a car, or creating an advertising campaign. PR is day in, day out. It has to operate at the media’s pace (worldwide, 24/7). A particular position or message has to be tweaked to suit the situation, while remaining in line with the longer term strategy. Quite often, it might be better for a different organisation to talk on your behalf. That is why public relations has always been a profession that needs people with a complete skill-set. It is why effective agency-side public relations is about small teams of well-rounded professionals, able to work together fast and effectively to support the client. Think law firm rather than advertising agency.

My PR friends, what do you think?

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