Red Lion Foods donates £100,000 to Help for Heroes

A few years ago a friend, Andrew Gidden, decided to distribute food to help less fortunate people. This was not a food bank idea. Andrew’s simple ideas was to get people choosing his new food brand, Red Lion Foods, and then giving all the residual profits to armed forces.

The charities Red Lions Foods help include: ABF The Soldiers Charity, BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Service, Fishing for Forces, Force Select Foundation, Help for Heroes, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, SSAFA, Support our Soldiers, Tickets for Troops.

The products in the Red Lion Foods range are things most of us buy like cooked meats, sausages, bacon, sauces, tinned foods, sandwiches, confectionery and tea. So the idea is elegantly simple: we carry on buying the things we usually buy, just switching to a new brand, and money goes to charity.

“It’ll never work,” said some. Andrew is continuing to prove them wrong by contributing a further £161,000 to charity this month including £100,000 to Help for Heroes. That makes it £1.3m to date. Well done Andrew and all the supporters of Red Lion Foods.

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