Poundworld claims take a pounding

Poundworld claims take a pounding

What an interesting concept, the manager’s special being 3 to 9 times the price of the rest of the stock in store.

When is a pound shop not a pound shop? When it sells items for £8.99, according to the Advertising Standards Authority. Wakefield-based Poundworld Retail has come a cropper with the advertising watchdog after claiming “everything £1” on its website, only for an eagle-eyed shopper to complain after spotting in-store “manager specials” for £3 and £8.99. The ASA decided this amounted to misleading advertising and told Poundworld Retail “not to claim that all products were priced £1 unless that was the case”. To be fair, Eightpoundninetynineworld doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

via Poundworld claims take a pounding | Media Monkey | Media | theguardian.com.

PS: Poundworld ceased trading on 10 August 2018.

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