Barclaycard terms and conditions, a sign of the times

Barclaycard terms and conditions, multiple copiesThis a poor sign of the times…multiple copies of Barclaycard terms and conditions. Let me share the story of their arrival.

I upgraded my iPhone. As a big fan of Apple Pay, I needed to add a few cards to my new phone and a couple of Apple Watches. I duly did this and accepted Apple’s terms online and I think Barclaycards as well (I expect so as I could use it to then make a payment).

Then three separate 14 page printed sets of terms and conditions arrived in my postbox.

My question is, why three? And then why any in analogue format? Isn’t it disappointing how some businesses purport to be digital and continue to chop down trees to hang on to legacy processes?

I also wonder how many people ever read terms and conditions presented in this way.

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