Roller banners and marketing

Chat services on websites are great. And they can be fun. I was buying a couple of those pop-up/roller banners earlier today. The more I wanted to buy the more the individual price went up.

Anyway, we got the order in, buying one at a time.

Here’s the chat transcript.

Conor (at the supplier)
Hi there, thanks for getting in touch. How can I help?

Kevin Harrington
Roller banner prices. I want to order two x double-sided. One costs £69. Two costs £156 which is more than twice the price. How do you recommend I order?

Hi Kevin, is that two of the same design? Or two separate designs? I think, either way, it would be best for you to add a single banner to the basket (for £69), then continue shopping, and add another single banner for £69. This way you’d save yourself a little bit.

Kevin Harrington
Anyway, they are both the same with a different reverse.
When will they arrive if I order and upload the artwork in the next hour?

It’s due to the sale price on the quantity of 1. We don’t tend to get a lot of orders for more than 1 double-sided banner, but I will be getting this fed back to the marketing team, as it does seem to be a little incorrect. As for the delivery date, this would be due for Tuesday to a mainland UK address if you were to order and approve that all before 6.30pm today.

Kevin Harrington
Thanks, Conor.
Marketing people, hey? Ha ha.

The market analysis

The supplier’s observation is, “We don’t tend to get a lot of orders for more than 1 double-sided banner.” Well, perhaps that’s because people buy them singly as it’s cheaper!

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