Leadership Explained

Leadership Explained

File tidying, I should do it more often. I just came across the following which is an extract of some work I was proofreading for my daughter, Jo.

Huczynski and Buchanan (2013, p802) define leadership as ‘the process of influencing the activities of an organised group in its efforts towards goal-setting and goal achievement.’ 

Leadership differs from management with managers concerned with planning, staffing, problem-solving and controlling; whereas leaders establish direction, align, motivate and inspire people (Peate, 2019). 

Wilcox (2014, cited by Peate, 2017) explains that while managers are appointed to a role, a leader chooses and assumes a role. The NHS Leadership Framework (2011) argues that leadership should not be restricted to those in designated roles, as anybody in the organisation can demonstrate acts of leadership.

It’s great when your children help educate you. But it strikes me that Government is trying to manage the NHS while the leadership of the NHS is tired and fragmented and from within. This is not a politically biased observation, I think it’s been the case case for decades.

It is also interesting to see the breadth and extent of the education of nurses today. The quote above was from an essay to qualify as a Nurse Associate (Enrolled Nurse in old terminology).

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