Pool Ladder Competition Rules

It took me long enough to get this sorted so I thought I would share these pool competition ladder rules to help others. Feel free to modify for your own use.

Pool Ladder Rules


Everyone that works in the company/is part of the organisation/is part of the club (adjust this as required) is eligible to take part.

Joining and Ranking

To join, the individual adds their name to the bottom of the ladder.

Everyone starts at the bottom of the ladder. As soon as you add your name at the bottom you are in.


You may only challenge/accept one challenge per day. Challenges should be made direct to other players. Please respond to challenges as soon as possible to allow for more matches to be played. When challenging, you may only challenge within three positions above yourself on the ladder. For example, if you are 8th on the ladder, you may only challenge the 5th, 6th, and 7th place players.

Players must accept the challenge within 3-4 days. If a player fails to respond to a challenge or declines a challenge, they will lose by default. Any player under challenge cannot accept a second challenge until the first challenge is played.

Winning the Match

When a higher seed loses the winner will replace that individual, and the loser moves downs down one spot from where they were. Everyone in between the players will also move down one spot. For example, if player #3 challenges player #1 and wins, then player #3 will take the #1 seed, player #1 will move down to the #2 seed and player #2 be bumped to the #3 seed. If you challenge and lose, no one moves.

Download a PDF version of these Pool Ladder Competition Rules: Pool-ladder-rules-v1.0

UK Pool Rules

You may have got here looking for UK rules to play a standard game of pool. The English Pool Association can help you.

I hope this has proved useful to you.

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