I just got an email from The Chartered Institute of Marketing about an event titled “Brand Creative“. It made me think I must get back into doing more of these types of events: they appear to be lucrative and it …

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I was off to a BBQ at the home of a French man yesterday. I thought I’d take a couple of bottles of English wine. So off I trotted to Marks & Spencers at The Meadows near Camberley. Not a …

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It’s rather nice to get feedback that my web content has proved useful. The article, 7 Compelling Reasons Not To Discount, has been on my main site for a while and I was told the other day that it helped …

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Building on a post I made yesterday, I was pleased to see this article as it shows my ex-employer Sony rated tops on ‘brands most respecting the environment‘. See http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/item/56488/259/263/0?eid=e04&ln=greenweek03 When I was with Sony (1985 – 1996) we were …

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This is a very interesting report http://www.yougov.com/archives/pdf/CPW060101004_1.pdf Titled “The Mobile Life Report 2006 – How mobile phones change the way we live” this document is packed with quantative and qualitative data about mobile phones. Think I’m a ‘smart connected’. What …

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This is a very clever piece of software. It’ll be interesting to see where MyHeritage take their business.

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