Oxford School, School List 1972-1973

I was at Oxford School, aka Oxford Grammar School for Boys, from September 1970 to March 1973. This was years 1 to 3, or in today’s year numbering, from year 7 to 9.

Each year we were given a little book titled the School List. You can find my cohort in Scott House and class 3D.

Governors of the School

Chairman: K. C. Turpin, Esq., B.Litt., M.A.
Vice Chairman: Alderman T. J. Meadows.
R. James, Esq., A.R.I.B.A.
Councillor R. J. Liddle.
Councillor P. D. Rogers.
Councillor Mrs. J. G. Todd, M.A.
R. Tredegar, Esq.
Councillor L. C. Wilcher, C.B.E., B.Litt., M.A.
J. R. Cummings, Esq., B.Litt., M.A.
Professor R. B. Duthie.
F. Harris, Esq.
Dr. R. L. Lucas

J. Garne, Esq., M.C., M.A., Chief Education Officer and Clerk to the Governors

Old Boys’ Society

President: S. G. Gillam, B.Litt., M.A.
Secretary: R. D. Russell, 388 London Road, Headington, Oxford.
Treasurer: P. J. A. Cox, 21 Lime Road, Elms Rise, Oxford.
Staff Members of Committee: J. H. Brashour, D. L. Walker.

Oxford School Staff

Headmaster: R. H. Prior, D.F.C., M.A. (Oxon.)
Deputy Head: J. S. Morris, M.A. (Oxon.)
Headmaster, Lower School: J. H. Brashour, M.A. (Oxon.)


B. V. Ashley
R. W. Bodey, B.Sc (Lond.)
R. F. Burrows, B.Ed. (Bristol)
R. J. Catterall, M.I.Biol.
L. G. Cirel, B.A. (Cardiff)
D. F. Cotton, M.A. (Oxon.)
N. V. H. R. Cox, B.A. (Dunelm)
D. S. Crooks, D.L.C.
G. R. K. Curtis, B.A., Mus.B. (Cantab.), L.T.C.L.
A. R. Dixon, Dip. Phys. Ed. (Leeds)
R. P. Finch, B.A. (Reading)
B. Hickey, A.T.D.
P. M. Ingram, B.Sc. (Nottm.)
R. O. P. Jones, M.Sc. (Oxon.)
E. A. C. Lee,  M.A. (Oxon.)
M. P. Lindsay, B.Sc. (Bristol)
Mrs. M. A. Litherland, B.Sc. (Bristol)
R. S. Lowrie, M.A. (Oxon.), D.Phil., A.R.I.C.
K. McMullen, B.Ed. (Manchester)
P. W. Megann, M.A. (Oxon.)
J. Millard, B.A. (Leics.), D.L.C.
A. J. Miller, M.A. (Edinburgh)
A. E. J. Morris, M.A. (Oxon.)
J. W. Nisbet, B.A. (Lond.)
I. J. Orr, BSc. (Newcastle)
R. Pagan
D. J. Polgreen, M.A, (Cantab.)
K. D. Randall, B.A. (Dunelm)
Miss P. M. O. Read, B.A. (Birmingham)
D. T. Roberts, B.Sc. (Wales)
C. Cummings, B.Sc. (Econ.) (Lond.)
A. W. Sidebottom, B.Sc. (Manchester), L.R.A.M.
I. J. Somerville, B.Ed. (Oxon)
F. W. Sutton, M.A. (Glasgow)
P. K. Swire, M.A. (Oxon.)
I. H Taylor, M.A. (Cantab.)
N. C. Teasdale, B.A. (Lond.)
G. P. Thomas, M.A. (Cantab.), M.Sc. (Lancaster)
D. L. Walker, M.A. (Cantab.)
D. R. Walker, B.A. (Oxon.)
M. D. Watts, M.A. (Oxon.)
M. J. Wilton, D.L.C.

House Colours at Oxford Grammar School

Arnold House (white)
Murray House (green)
Russell House (black)
Scott House (red)
Sutherland (blue)
Trevelyan House (amber)