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CPC advertising let down by service

I texted the number at the end of the TV advert for a catalogue. I got an immediate text back thanking me for my interest and saying they would contact me soon for address details. Five days later and I’ve

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Spelling and brand image

Driving up Whitehall today I spotted a Manns Travel coach with a sign in the front window, “Girls Grammer”. Do you think the girls get on the coach every day and ignore the spelling mistake? Do you think they know

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Ryanair and naff polo shirts

We’ve been discussing in the office what people should wear at exhibitions when representing our company. One school of thought was polo shirts. Being against this idea I was pleased to notice Michael O’ Leary, chief executive of the the

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Get the right screwdriver

Tools of the trade and how to use them is the basis of the commercial training industry. And as ever, the examples of the need (things going wrong) are always good fun. The gist of this was that, in a

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Hospital fashions

This is a sign I saw at the Royal Berkshire Hospital: Today, ladies fashions, off the rails. I bet that gets people queuing up with expectation. How many people want fashion items that are “off the rails”? And the mixed message

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Cauliflower shock story

Well, it was a shock to Jo, one of my daughters. In one of her rare encounters with the kitchen she was dismayed at how small the head of the cauliflower was in comparison to the leaves surrounding it. She

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Hospital waste and bugs

I  think our local hospital, The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, is excellent. That said, at a time when we are all concerned about bugs being transmitted through wards I think they could manage the message a little better. This

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