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Hotmail deal maker that doesn’t like travel

I’ve just spotted a profile on LinkedIn where the individual is offering: £10,000 membership access cost (not quite sure what to) £1,000 per hour deal making fee £2,000 per hour travel fee Do I deduce from that his deal making

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Prepaid cards could be useful for holidaymakers with debt problems

Well, it’s not quite what I said, but the thrust is pretty spot on: Prepaid cards could be an option for those currently seeking debt advice who still wish to travel abroad this year. That is because the consumer can

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Unbelievable strap lines

Southall Travel – redefining the travel experience. Well that’s the unbelievable statement on all the baggage carousels at Terminal 3, Heathrow. By contrast their website home page title says: Flights to India Cheap Flights to India Holidays to India Cheap

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