Do you want to get involved in sponsored blogging?
No thank you. While I am sure that there is a lot of ethical sponsored blogging, I would rather be editorially unshackled. I quite like the idea that my blogs are my thoughts and opinions.

Can we exchange website links?
No thank you. I don’t want to have to maintain 3rd party outbound links from my site.

Does your blog use WordPress?
Yes, it is a self-hosted WordPress blog.

What theme are you using on your site?
I used to use a theme I made myself with a template tool. I’m now using the Responsive theme. I’ve modified this a bit but I like it because it is clean and quite versatile.

What is your telephone number?
Send me a message via the contact page on this site. Make sure you include your email address and I’ll get back to you.

Would you speak at our conference?
Possibly. Use the contact page to send me more information and see Presentations and Public Speaking.

Are you the Kevin Harrington CEO of TVGoods.com and from TV programme Shark Tank?
No. Kevin Harrington, the TV Shark Tank man and CEO of TVGoods.com, is a different Kevin Harrington to me. I regularly forward messages to him, but if he is the Kevin you are after you could save us all a bit of time and contact him via http://kevinharrington.tv or usu this email address kevin@kevinharrington.tv

Are you the Kevin Harrington that used to work with Dave Dawson and Andy Andrews at Hitachi?
Yes, but that was donkey’s years ago! I learned a lot from Dave and Andy. My more recent career history can be seen at LinkedIn.