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Kevin Harrington is Managing Director of Global Prepaid Exchange, the widest reaching prepaid industry organisation in the world with a membership that spans four continents. Gx members are involved in issuing, processing, manufacturing or distributing three out of four of the world’s prepaid programmes. With people on the ground in France, Germany, India, South Africa, UK and USA Gx recognises that the adoption of prepaid differs by region. Kevin’s mission is to ensure that all sectors understand and exploit the massive potential of prepaid to solve business and consumer problems, or just make life better and simpler.

Following a five year relationship with Sodexo Motivation Solutions, Kevin Harrington joined Global Prepaid Exchange (Gx) as managing director in 2011. Before joining Global Prepaid Exchange, he worked at Sodexo as a Director of the UK Motivation Solutions business. Previous roles were Global Marketing Director at BBC Worldwide and senior positions with Sony.

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