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Kevin Harrington is Programme Director for the Global Prepaid Exchange – the widest reaching prepaid industry organisation in the world with a membership that spans four continents. Kevin’s mission is to ensure that all sectors of the economy understand and exploit the massive potential of prepay to solve business and consumer problems, or just make life better and simpler. One of the strangest facts about him is that he’s the 30th great-grandson of William the Conqueror, which perhaps has some relevance to his current role.

Before joining Global Prepaid Exchange, he worked at Sodexo as a Director of the UK Motivation Solutions in business. Kevin has also provided consultancy for or worked with a very wide number of brands: Argos, Arkade, BBC, Boots, British Airways, BT, Comet, Co-operative, David Attenborough, Delia, Discman, DSGi, Duravit, EastEnders, Harrods, Hitachi, HMV, House of Fraser, Josaka, MAD Academy, MiniDisc, MOD, Noddy, Old Grey Whistle Test, Only Fools and Horses, Question of Sport, Richer Sounds, SayShopping, Sodexo, Sony, Sony Centres, Teletubbies, Tesco, Top Of The Pops, Tweenies, UKBA, University of Reading, Virgin, Vivaboxes, Walking With Dinosaurs, Walkman, Wallace and Gromit, Waterstones, WH Smith, Woolworths.

Kevin says: “I’ve had a very broad ranging career and I think that helps me to really understand the massive potential of Prepay and explain it to other people.

It is frustrating that people still don’t yet understand the industry, but the frustrations are surpassed by the excitement of it. Prepay is set to grow at a dramatic rate this year and will really change the way many sectors operate, particularly insurance, hospitality, leisure, government and with professionals such as HR and marketing. I can see that as I talk to people and they suddenly realise that Prepay can solve a problem that they have been struggling with, or simply give them a massive competitive advantage.

One or two innovative businesses and public sector bodies have very successfully tested the water, for example the Oyster card in London and the mobile phone operators with pay as you go. However during 2011 I think we will see others just like them and the year will mark a real turning point. The Prepay industry are working together to help sectors and professionals work with us so that no-one gets left behind.”

Members of the Global Prepaid Exchange include all the leading providers in the industry.

Kevin Harrington is a popular public speaker and is available for events and media interviews. His expertise includes: the prepaid industry, marketing of brands, consumer businesses and communications.

To speak to Kevin please contact Natalie Worpole: 020 3142 6800.

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