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The News Quiz

A favourite of mine, The News Quiz.

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Working with Government and the Civil Service

How to get what you want Do Be patient. The most powerful force in the Civil Service is inertia. Be polite. The Minister’s best ideas are his own, then the party’s (Manifesto) then those put forward by interested parties and

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Yorkshire Airlines, the honest carrier

I’ve just been introduced to this great Hale & Pace YouTube video of Yorkshire Airlines. A good chuckle.

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Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman

I’m not really a great fan of Russell Brand and poor old Jeremy Paxman I find unamusing and irritating. The power of YouTube: This video immediately improved my opionion of both these men. If you have 15 minutes I recommend it…it will

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Usain Bolt gold 100 brick video

Very good, but they missed the thrown bottle out! You need to wait for an advert to play first.

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It’s great working for a global business

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Where’s my child?

I look forward to selling this one in to my children: Thousands of students skip school everyday. It is a problem in every school district across the globe. Now RFID tracking technology is being used in countries like the UK

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