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This is what really killed MySpace

One of the most basic but often overlooked possibilities of what really killed MySpace is News Corp. itself. Rupert Murdoch is accustomed to being king of the hill, but his company didn’t know the first thing about running a social-media

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Bringing Timberlake on MySpace board can’t be Justified

Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp has sold MySpace to ad network Specific Media and – bizarrely – Justin Timberlake for $35m (£21.9m), a mere fraction of the price it was bought for, but can the former NSync star really bring sexyback to

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Murdoch free household

I’m sure Rupert Murdoch’s media content creeps into the house somehow but it has just dawned on me that we, the Harrington household, don’t: Buy The Times newspaper. Buy the Sunday Times newspaper. Subscribe to Times Online. Use MySpace. Subscribe

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Anatomy of a successful social network

How many hours a week do you spend on Bebo, Facebook or MySpace? I read this on Shuzak.com: “The Nobel Prize winning free-market economist, Milton Friedman, believed that when left alone, people will intelligently act in their own best interest,

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User generated newspapers

We’ll be cooking our own food in restaurants next! Or making our beds in hotels! Essentially a free newspaper is going to pay bloggers and then use some of the content in their newspaper. Fabulously simple remodeling of the whole

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