London Underground Announcement

Announcement heard on the Tube, “All doors in this car will not open at the next station. Please use other doors.” Surely this is true at just about any station as the doors don’t open on both sides? Leaving that …

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The long pole in our tent

It’s the long pole in our tent. Source: a bonkers CEO I used to work with I’m just clearing away a lot of old notes. Not paper, but digital ones. I came across this odd expression from a CEO that …

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Leon Stolarski Wines

Leon Stolarski Wines is my new favourite wine merchant. Great wines, friendly small business and fabulous service. My first order was: Domaine de Montesquiou Terre de France 2014 Vin de France (Code: MONT/TERRE/14) Domaine Treloar Three Peaks 2017 Côtes du …

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Great Britain or United Kingdom (GB or UK)?

I was signing up for an online service. One of the stages was to select my country from a drop-down list. That should be easy, I thought, but the UK was not listed. Neither was England. A further hunt and …

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The Rules of a ‘Kingsman’ Gentleman

The Rules of a ‘Kingsman’ Gentleman. My homework: increase my score from 65% Rule 1A gentleman never tells about his conquests, private matters or dealing. His business is nobody else’s. Rule 2A gentleman does not clash in public with his …

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Attention seeking…we should listen

There is a good article on The Guardian website about the modern crisis of attention-seeking, jihadists and loneliness. Have a look >>> The Guardian. It offered lots of information. It didn’t set out to offer strategies to deal with any of …

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Awards Presentation Advice

Here’s the man to be hosting an awards ceremony, Jack Whitehall. Some great and somewhat obvious advice from him.