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Web Design Week

#WebDesignWeek Who thinks my colleagues are getting a little carried away? The idea was that our marketers at EMS Internet take on the web designers to see who can create the best website. They haven’t even got started yet and

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You see, QR codes are useful

I keep seeing QR (quick response) codes being used in ways that really dont seem to make a lot of sense; a 48 sheet poster site by a dual carriageway is one of my favourites. I’ve no idea how I

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Let the survey confirm you’ve got it wrong

I was amused to receive an inviation to complete a survey. It was from the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM). Look at the quote from it below: it clearly states, “The survey will highlight just how much some marketers misunderstand

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Marketers too fixated on apps

Marketers are failing to invest in targeted mobile channels, such as search, by being too fixated on smartphone apps, according to a study by Forrester Research. The report, which surveyed over 260 marketing professionals across Europe, found that 32% of

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1,000 UK retailers set to accept contactless payments

eMoney News Around 1,000 UK retailers are set to accept contactless smart card payments this year, it has been revealed. via 1,000 UK retailers set to accept contactless payments. What we choose to carry in our wallets is an important

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Buying better for a greater ROI

Get the buying process right and your promotions and incentives will win over consumers. Promotions and incentives are big business. Motivating consumers with on-pack promotions, merchandise, vouchers or money off coupons, continue to play an important role in the marketing

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