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Windy Arbour Farm Shop

Here’s is Geoff Rigby of Windy Arbour Farm Shop reviewing his experience of working with EMS Internet to develop his new website. I’m off up to Billinge, Wigan, to have a look. The food looks fabulous (the website is pretty good as well!).

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Web Design Week

#WebDesignWeek Who thinks my colleagues are getting a little carried away? The idea was that our marketers at EMS Internet take on the web designers to see who can create the best website. They haven’t even got started yet and

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That website was a waste of time

Lessons learned & action taken: digital marketing fit for purpose. How many times have you wondered about the value of a website or a digital campaign? Executing digital marketing successfully has never been more important. Digital marketing budgets will rise by 10

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Daft statements

Don’t get me wrong, I like Nationwide Building Society. They’ve been pretty good to me over the last twenty years. But that doesn’t make them immune from the odd silly statement. An email from Nationwide Building Society, received this morning,

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This is what really killed MySpace

One of the most basic but often overlooked possibilities of what really killed MySpace is News Corp. itself. Rupert Murdoch is accustomed to being king of the hill, but his company didn’t know the first thing about running a social-media

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City Slacker slick marketing

Michael Mueller, a friend of mine, has a film titled ‘City Slacker‘ in pre-production. I’m sure it will do well as the the team involved are good and the story line is on the money. The reason for mentioning it

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