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American Express eyes prepaid travel card business in India – Business Standard

American Express eyes prepaid travel card business in IndiaBusiness StandardAccording to the the Global Prepaid Exchange, the revenue potential of prepaid card in India will be $218 million by 2015. The total market size and opportunity for the forex c…

Digital Gift: The appetite is growing

We have conducted two large gift card consumer surveys in Canada and France recently where we have asked questions related to consumers views on gift cards. Within these surveys we have asked questions related to digital gifting and whether consumers

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Unordinary Thinking No. 22 – Three tonnes of cash

The benefits a retailer gets from understanding their customers better through the data which is captured.  How retailers can typically expect to get higher margin sales, new customers they would not otherwise get and incremental sales of 40% above the

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Gifting and loyalty pays off for retailers

Gifting and loyalty pays off for retailersRetail DigitalKevin Harrington, Managing Director of Global Prepaid Exchange agrees with Smith's prognosis of the trend, with a strong focus on immediacy and value being …

Giftango expands its digital gift card operations to Europe

Giftango Expands Its Digital Gift Card Operations to EuropeSan Francisco Chronicle (press release)The Global Prepaid Exchange estimates the Euro Zone gift card and voucher market for gifting and corporate incentives to be approximately €21.8 billion …

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Transaction Wireless to participate in retail panel discussions

Transaction Wireless to Participate In Four Retail Panel Discussions at …PR Web (press release)Kevin Harrington, MD, Global Prepaid Exchange David Hunter, CEO, Ukash Alan King, Group Head, Channel Development, Global Prepaid Solutions, MasterCard Wor…

Walmart’s 50th Anniversary, mobile shopping and ePay

Walmart's 50th Anniversary, Mobile Shopping and ePay, and a Look Back at the …PR Newswire (press release)Global Prepaid Exchange Managing Director, Kevin Harrington looks into this trend, its pitfalls, and how it is affecting high street retailer…