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Your Friday Reading. I like it when senior people share experiences, over a period of time, in a really genuine and helpful way. Mitesh Sheth has done this here in a great post on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-stop-your-ceo-boss-from-screwing-up-mitesh-sheth This is one of many …

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This video of Andy Street, Managing Director of John Lewis, is an excellent example of a business leader communicating clearly and with purpose. He comes over as in control, believable and trustworthy – three attributes missing from many MDs or CEOs. …

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Here’s an idea to consider for 2014…complete transparency. San Francisco-based social media startup Buffer just did something unprecedented: It published the salaries of every one of its employees online, available for the public to see. “We hope this might help …

Why a startup just published all of its employees’ salaries for the world to see Read More »

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