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The Dakota Indians of North America passed on this piece of wisdom from generation by word of mouth: “If you are riding a dead horse the best thing to do is dismount”. However, in the corporate world today, because of …

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The problem is in the hierarchy. The power resides at the top, while all the information resides at the bottom. Sidney Yoshida quantified this in his 1989 landmark study, “The Iceberg of Ignorance,” where he found that only 4% of …

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I love tripping over fun acronyms I’ve not heard before. Scientific Wild Arsed Guess, SWAG, this is ideal for those situations when someone can’t bring themselves to come up with an opening estimate, even though they’re the best-placed person to …

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Don’t deal with tossers – there are enough great people about to work with You’ll always overestimate what can be achieved in 3 months. You’ll always dramatically underestimate what can be achieved in 3 years Create the story – people …

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“We need people to work harder, not smarter,” was the recommendation I received from a boss once. I’m pleased to say I left him working harder.

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How does a company fail? To borrow a phrase from Hemingway, two ways: “gradually and then suddenly,” says Kellogg. I met some people today who seemed to be making relatively simple projects very complicated. In fact, everything seemed to be moving …

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The human memory is a wonderful thing. We can experience, hear or learn something and then almost immediately corrupt our memory. Many people in business make this a special feature of their lives by rarely writing things down. No notes. …

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