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NCR and PayPal agreement makes sense

Most press releases and announcements fail to pass the ‘so what’ test. They might be important to the client company but they are often dull and uninteresting. Then along comes a release that tells of things that will really make a difference.

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Boku, the new rival to PayPal?

This should be interesting to follow: PayPal, the online payments company owned by eBay Inc, just got a new rival in the race to develop a mobile payment service that can be used in physical stores. Boku Inc, a big

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PayPal’s mobile plans

PayPal Inc. is dropping any pretense of not pursuing point-of-sale payments directly. The eBay Inc. subsidiary now promises that it has new services coming for paying at physical locations using smart phones. Third-party software developers for several years have been

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How near is Facebook Bank plc?

New competitors for established businesses can come from surprising places. If all a bank does is monitor competition from other banks they could be in for a surprise or two. Here are a couple of lines from CNN: “It’s become

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