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Barclaycard terms and conditions, a sign of the times

This a poor sign of the times…multiple copies of Barclaycard terms and conditions. Let me share the story of their arrival. I upgraded my iPhone. As a big fan of Apple Pay, I needed to add a few cards to

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PayPal Credit

I’ve just received an email from those fine people at PayPal. Apparently PayPal Credit, a new payment option, is now available. PayPal Credit is a new service that enables you to make the most of your PayPal account. It works

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My colleagues at Gx have recovered from the amazingly busy October. One of the key events in the month was the Pay360 conference. Below are 3 videos from the event produced by PaymentEye.

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NFC’s outlook downgraded by 95%

Wow, if I had planned my future business on the $1 trillion Strategy Analytics estimate I would be more than a little ticked off when 95% of the predicted market had disappeared. That’s according to a new report from Strategy

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ZNAP launch with live drinks ordering app

Here is a little taste of the future…live today. This is the new payment app, Znap, from MPayMe. The video was from their launch at the QR Bar at Chester Races on 17 August 2013.

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Cash remains king in UK shops

Alternative/emerging means of payment, such as online payments and money-off coupons, grew last year seemingly by 150%, although these remained a fraction of the total. But cash remains the dominant payment mechanism. Cash is still the most popular form of

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The world has gone mobile, so why is m-commerce lagging?

The mobile world descended on Barcelona this week where tens of thousands of delegates discussed how mobile is disrupting multiple industry sectors. However, there is still one glaring barrier to total world domination – the industry’s failure to crack big ticket purchases

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