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HR impact on business success

I wonder who will win? We, that is Sodexo Motivation Solutions, are sponsors of the HR impact on business success award this year at the CIPD People Management Awards 2010. The winner was decided back in September by a panel of

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Vouchers and gift cards: where next?

It’s incredible to think where we’ve come from. Seventy years ago the first voucher appeared on the high street in the form of a book token. Who could have predicted how the voucher and card industry would change and develop,

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Defined by a vegetable

“The carrot has become the ubiquitous symbol of the incentive industry. We have allowed ourselves to be defined by a vegetable.” What a great line. This is the introduction to an article by Jim Dittman, founder and president of Dittman

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What really motivates?

Incentives as a motivational tool come in many forms, and schemes vary depending upon the size and structure of an organisation. Understanding the needs of employess can help companies to reap poisitve rewards from an incentives programme According to Kevin Harrington, director

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Bad Gifts

Sometimes staff and team incentives have a negative impact…

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Rewarding in times of uncertainty

The UK economy shrank for the first time in 16 years between July and December 2008, according to the Office of National Statistics – suggesting that the UK is now in a recession. We are all wondering what tomorrow will

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