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Logo design – business model reversal

I quite like the look of this business, Logomarket On Logomarket.com, 120 designers present more than 5,000 logo designs to potential customers. The showcases contain logo designs for sale at fixed prices. The fixed price includes delivery in the file format of

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Hertz change from yellow

If I were the guardian of the Hertz brand I’d be shaking my head. Surely the Hertz logo is yellow? The Hertz Corporation (also known as Hertz Rent A Car or simply Hertz) is the world’s second largest car rental

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Modifying corporate logos

Should people play around with corporate logos? I think Google has added to their brand image by creating seasonal treatments for its logo. St Patrick’s Day and Christmas themes spring to mind. The modifications have given their business more of

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BBC Children In Need – brand misuse

It takes long enough for a charity to develop a trusted brand name. Protecting it can be even harder. This BBC Children In Need collection box, seen in a fish and chip shop in Reading is labelled 2006 (last year)

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The 2012 Olympics Logo

The 2012 Olympics logo – I’m not sure I’ve got the energy for this debate! What do I think of it? Well, at the risk of being controversial, I think it has a fair bit going for it. Who else

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