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Ocado jam

“Sorry I’m late. There was an Ocado jam in the road.” I think I may get an Ocado van so that I can leave it in the middle of the street while I’m dropping things off. Perhaps they pay a

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Great (and bad) straplines

I found the following on Dangerous Thinking, a blog that unfortunately seems to have fizzled out. They are all examples of straplines seen on lorries in the UK. Nando’s – poultry in motion. Bargain Booze, making life richer for the

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No cakes left overnight

This is a nice use of lorry advertising. The McVities lorry has a warning on the back: No cake left in lorry overnight. Well I guess this is normal, but it is a nice allusion to the desirability and value

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Side of an Iceland lorry

I saw on the side of an Iceland lorry the statement: “We were the first supermarket to stop selling GM food.” So what? Others have stopped selling GM foods. And, this all presupposes that GM food is bad in the first

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