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First Choice to become 100% all inclusive

It is often said that the way to carve a position in a market is to do things differently from your competitors. This means that in a bundled market you unbundle and conversely in an unbundled market you bundle. The advantages are that direct

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George Wimpey house sales slow

Yes, it is true, George Wimpey house sales could be a lot quicker if they sent details to potential customers. I’ve been trying to get some simple details from George Wimpey since January and it is now 9 March. I’ve

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How much should you pay for a sandwich?

Tuesday: up at 04.00 to leave the house at 04.30 to catch a flight from Heathrow. I needed to fill up with petrol on the way to the airport. So I stopped at the 24 hour BP petrol station near

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Great service and net promoter score

Good service leaves a positive and lasting impression. Unfortunately we all too often end up telling friends and colleagues of the poor service we have received. My shopping experiences this Christmas have been really quite good: service levels have been

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Directory enquiries – the good and the bad

When you can’t get in your car you need help. Well I did anyway. And the number for Saab Assistance was locked in the car. Directory enquiries seemed to be the answer. Whoops, well it would have been if I

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Longbridge merger that put it on the road to ruin

In the last century some of the UK’s best brands have been motor cars and motor manufacturers. The history and demise of one of the best (and worst) players is dealt with very well in this feature: Longbridge merger that

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