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Supporting the UK economy

Advertising and marketing strap lines continue to provide me amusement. I’ve just driven past a van operated by HS Works. The strap line on the van, and on their website, is “supporting the UK economy”. Well, I don’t know about

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Hospital fashions

This is a sign I saw at the Royal Berkshire Hospital: Today, ladies fashions, off the rails. I bet that gets people queuing up with expectation. How many people want fashion items that are “off the rails”? And the mixed message

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Turkish shirts that are fabulously British

So, Jack Wills use the great marketing strap line of ‘fabulously British’. Well, that is on the collar label of the shirt I bought. Further down, on the care label, they explain the shirt is made in Turkey. Is that

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Unbelievable strap lines

Southall Travel – redefining the travel experience. Well that’s the unbelievable statement on all the baggage carousels at Terminal 3, Heathrow. By contrast their website home page title says: Flights to India Cheap Flights to India Holidays to India Cheap

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National Clamps…we care

It seems every business needs a strap line. Many of these strap lines seem to sit quite naturally with the brand but some really don’t. I spotted this one on the back of a van today, “National Clamps…we care.” All

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