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Believe it or not, over 50% of the CVs I see fail on at least one of the tips on this video from Ian Mountford from 6Talent. YouTube video posted by 6Talent.

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YouTube video from Appitized.

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I’ve just been introduced to this great Hale & Pace YouTube video of Yorkshire Airlines. A good chuckle.

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I was surfing around YouTube researching some material for a presentation next week and, as often happens, I got diverted and discovered this great video, it is by Philip Zimbardo and is titled “The Secret Power of Time.” I thought …

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I’m not really a great fan of Russell Brand and poor old Jeremy Paxman I find unamusing and irritating. The power of YouTube: This video immediately improved my opionion of both these men. If you have 15 minutes I recommend it…it will …

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I quite like this video, it is about how BBC Worldwide present their strategy. It is on YouTube to promote the services of Cardiff based visual solutions company See What You Mean. It is a good reminder that simple visuals, …

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